Low Bunk Beds

Get the best of two worlds with Bunkers LoLine Bunk Beds. Create amazing storage and extra sleeping spaces while still sleeping at a height perfect for bedtime tuck ins.

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Our low height bunk beds are offset to ensure all occupants have great sleeping spaces, while still keeping the top sleeper at a great height for bedtime stories, goodnight hugs and tuck ins.

Choose our corner ( L shaped ) or longwall ( stretched, 'along-a-wall' usually... genius ) offset option to suit your bedroom space.
Or perhaps you are just after the high bed to create great storage or play areas underneath - they make incredible cubby spaces, great for growing imaginations!

Add one of our purpose built LoLine chests ( unlike our porpoise built chests which we had to return due to water damage - excuse the joke, I'm a new dad working on the dad jokes... ). These incredibly deep deep drawers really maximise your space and provide huuuge storage. 

Alternatively, use the extra space created from our longwall bunks to house a third bed... Combine with our trundle bed and you have 4 amazing sleep spaces! That's the ultimate sleep over solution. 

Of course, all backed with Bunkers 10 year guarantee.