Bunk Beds

Great childhood memories start with great bunk beds.

And if you wanted a practical reason purchasing bunk beds, then just think of the space that you'll save!

Whether you need more sleeping spaces, increased storage, a special study area, or just crave more rooooom in your room, Bunkers have great looking, hard wearing bunk beds solutions. 

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Why Choose a Bunkers Bunk Beds

Bunkers are famous for our long lasting, incredibly strong bunk beds and we still produce them with this same quality we've built our reputation on for 40+ years! This is why all of our great bunk beds can still be backed with our 10 year guarantee.

Our range of L shaped bunk beds, longwall bunks or a traditional bunk configuration will help find the right functional solution for your room. You will also find a great choice in sizes, with single, king single, single on double, king single on queen and even our amazing double bunk beds and queen bunk beds! All available in a range of colour options to ensure a stylish addition to your space.

Find inspiration here or even mix and match individual products to create a solution that best solves your unique needs. Our modular range is designed to give you maximum flexibility both now and in the future. Find out how our beds can create extra storage, sleeping and study areas as your children grow.

Have fun exploring our site and if you need any bunk beds advice, please contact us. There's nothing we love more than talking bunk beds!