Bunk Beds with 3+ Beds

If you need the ultimate sleeping solution to house that growing family or guest accomodation, then we've created this bunk bed collection that sleep 3 or more for you!


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These great sleeping solutions are achieved with our huge double and queen sized bunk beds, or very clever configurations that combine the best of our long-wall and corner bunk beds. And then there's our incredibly versatile trundle bed, which is a great addition to any bed or loft bed to house those unexpected sleepovers!

Even with 3+ occupants we can still squeeze some great storage in. Check out the options featuring our under bed storage drawer unit. Or even use our trundle as a huge storage drawer that cameo's as your guest sleeping solution.

We've started you off with some great combinations pictured in this category, but feel free to expand your ideas and create your own great combinations. If you get stuck, our bunk bed specialists love to help.