Loft Beds & High Beds

Bunkers loft beds are the king of creating space in your bedroom. Use one of our three different loft bed heights as a blank canvas to solve all your sleeping, storage, study, play or entertainment needs.

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Create Your Loft Bed Solution

Loft beds create incredible sleep and study areas that turn any teens room into an amazing haven. Discover more floor space when you fit all of this into the floorspace of one bed.  

We understand that everyone has different needs for the space in their home and different space to achieve their needs. Find inspiration and buy from our great range on display, mix and match to create your own unique Bunkers product or let your inspiration run wild and think what else you can fit in this amazing space you have just created.

Along with the three heights available we have our great choice of finishes and sizes - single loft beds, king single loft beds, double loft beds and even queen loft beds.

We've been designing and making loft beds for 35+ years and are famous for the sturdiness and strength in every loft. 

We back this up with our famous 10 year guarantee!