the FAQ's

1. Do I have to purchase everything in the full sets shown on the website?

No, all products are available separately, allowing you to build according to your needs and budget. Another great Bunkers advantage!

2. Does the furniture come assembled?

No, all products require some assembly.

Our beds have the major components pre-assembled but require construction in the room you choose.

All cabinets are flat-packed and have been designed to retain the famous Bunkers strength, so allow a little longer to achieve stronger!

If assembly is not your thing, contact Bunkers preferred assembly partners in your area;

Adelaide / Brisbane / Melbourne / Perth / Sydney / Canberra / Gold Coast

3. Do you have instruction manuals on your website?

Of course!

Click through here to find the manual that you need.


We love to help and know our products back to front. So, if you need to avoid assembling your product back to front we'd love to hear from you - phone 1300 661 764.

4. Do your prices include mattresses?

No, all bed and bunk prices exclude mattresses to allow you to continue with existing mattresses if you choose.

Our custom designed Coolgel or Ecocoil mattresses are the perfect choice if you need to consider the sleeping support for your new bed…..check the site for details.

5. What is the furniture made of?

Beds, Loft Beds and Bunk Beds

All of our bed products are manufactured with the same construction technique that we've been famous for, for over 40 years! You'll find the same strength in our Standard Single Bed all the way through to incredible Queen Loft Beds!

We use all environmentally friendly, natural, renewable Pine throughout our bed range. You will find the same species of Radiata Pine we source holding up the majority of houses across Australia!

Our Bunks are then finished with water based stains or paint (white range) to provide a proven layer of protection that stands the test of time - and many many other tests that are in the everyday life of a Bunk Bed!!!


SLAT BASES - all of our slat bases are constructed with Plywood for its reliable weight bearing properties.

Slat bases are left as raw timber for the health of your mattress. Raw timber allows your mattress to breathe.


Cabinets and Desks Bunkers cabinet range is constructed with the same objectives of strength, appearance and functionality. Our cabinets live very different lives to our Bunk Beds and our material choices reflect this to ensure each item is purpose built to serve you best!

All cabinet bodies are constructed with 16mm furniture grade particleboard that we cover with tough durable melamine. Our Melamine is custom made to match your Bunk Bed finish.

Drawer boxes are built to last using the same 16mm furniture grade particleboard + melamine that you'll find in your main cabinet body.


Drawer Fronts are 19mm Plywood with stain/paint finishes to match your Bunk Bed - in looks and strength!.


Desktops are built to last with 19mm Plywood plus our Melamine Coating for a great durable study surface. Radiate Pine is used for all under desk attachment cleats.


Our incredibly deep drawers run smoothly on our steel drawer tracks and reliable nylon wheels.


Thick 5mm MDF is used across our drawer box bases and cabinet backs - *deep drawer units are also supported with extra base bracing.

6. Are there any other colour options to what is pictured?

Our new range offers 8 colour combinations for any bed or bunk selected.

Primary colours of bed frames and cabinet carcasses of native elm or white can be chosen as a total “look” or combined with accessory colours of clear or black for rail components and drawer fronts.

Colour matching outside this scope is not possible.

7. Can I have a different size from what is pictured?

Often, yes. Our lo-line range is designed for the little guys and is only available in Single size. All other Bunk and Hi-bed styles are also available in King Single size with Side Ladder and Treble choices available in double or queen.

8. Can the styles shown be altered or customised to better suit my needs?

Components for all products are manufactured to our strict specifications to achieve the style, strength and safety required prior to packaging for delivery. Please talk to us about your needs, it may be a different Bunkers combination would suit better.

Unfortunately, no free-hand adjustments to our range is possible.

9. How long does it take if I order?

Bunkers standard 28 day delivery timeframe is currently stretched. Given expected stock arrivals and the priority given to existing orders in our system, you must allow up to 60 days for dispatch from our warehouse
Please contact our friendly staff on 1300 661 764 to discuss. 


The order will be picked and transported to our shipping partners, Pedemonts, in the capital city nearest you as the first step. Pedemonts will then contact you to arrange delivery, or, if you have requested it, pick up from the Pedemonts warehouse.

10. Can I pick up my order?

Pick up options are available Monday to Friday by appointment from our Depot locations;

Collection available Monday to Friday by appointment from our depot locations; see FAQ for depot locations.

*cost may vary per location, shown at checkout


Sydney Depot 5 Pat Devlin Close, Chipping Norton, 2170

Canberra Depot 6 Barrow Place, Queanbeyan, NSW, 2620

Melbourne Depot 18-20 Banfield Court, Truganina. VIC 3029

Brisbane Depot 1131 Boundary Rd, Wacol. QLD 4076

Perth Depot 20 Craft St, Canning Vale. WA 6155

Adelaide Bunkers 1079 South Rd, Melrose Park. SA 5039



Please call us for further state specific information OR to arrange your pick up appointment.

p 1300 661 764

11. How is the product packed for shipping?

All products are securely packed for shipment in strong cartons with internal protection to ensure our customers are happy with their purchase. This means you will have a bit of packaging to dispose of….sorry….. but we think it’s worth it!

12. What type of finishes are used on the furniture?

Our products are finished with a PU base coat and NC Paint process (white range) or NC Stain + Lacquer to give all of our products a proven layer of protection that stands the test of time. (detailed product specs are available if required)

13. Where are they made?

After 35+ years of producing our range totally within Australia, we have, like so many other manufacturers, had to accept that to maintain and improve our Brand, we needed to move the resource and labor intensive part of our business offshore.

Plainly speaking, there is a lot of difference between the often mistrusted “made in China” tag and the Bunkers version, “WELL made in China”.

A lot of the China produced products available in Australia are generic styles, selected from mass produced catalogues and not subjected to the control we apply in the manufacture of the Bunkers range. By strictly controlling the resource used in manufacture (plantation radiata) and supervising in person every critical step in production, from initial machining, through assembly and glue bond testing to final finishing and packaging, we ensure that the long trusted Bunkers quality and strength is not only protected, but enhanced.

14. Do the Bunks conform to Australian Mandatory Safety Standards?

Yes…and this is a very important factor when you are Australia’s largest bunk producer, as we have been for 35+ years. We helped develop the Standards many years ago and subject all our elevated beds to thorough scrutiny to ensure adherence to Mandatory Standards.