Hobart Bunk Beds & Loft Beds

Reliable ‘Bunk Beds Hobart’ delivery

You can find Bunkers great bunk beds and loft beds in homes all over Hobart and throughout Tasmania. Our distribution partnerships with Nielsen & Johnston Pty Ltd ensures that your bunk bed arrives safely to all corners, nooks, crannies and windy roads throughout Tassie.

With over 40 years experience in providing great bunk bed solutions to the Australian market, Bunkers understands the value of being experts in a field. There aren't too many family owned businesses that can boast this kind of track record, but with over 50 years experience in transporting difficult goods to Tasmania, Nielson & Johnston have proven to be invaluable logistic partners.
Specialising in goods that require personal care and attention makes them the perfect choice to move our bunk bed range that comes in all shapes and sizes.
Feedback from our customers has always shown them to be professional, friendly and reliable - just as their website states!

To find out further details. arrange a quote or answer any questions you may have, our team are only a phone call away.
Ph 1300 66 17 64 - OR - email info@bunkers.com.au

The Bunkers team are more than happy to arrange quotes and help with all information. If you want some information right now, Nielson & Jonston also have their own great website to get you started. Click here

Without a physical store within Tasmania to share our great products with you, we have done our best with www.bunkers.com.au to provide all the information you may need.
Our friendly bunk bed specialists are only a phone call away for anything else we may have missed.

Browse through our website to find your unique solution. Our wide range of beds, bunk beds and loft beds will have all your sleep, storage and study needs covered.
Find your ideal combination to maximise the rooooom in your room today!

Bunkers are the Bunk Bed Specialists

Bunkers produced their first Bunk Beds some 40+ years ago and it has come a long way from those early Bunk and Loft Beds which were assembled in a garage!

A search for ‘Bunk Beds Hobart‘ will show that we make the largest range in Australia and specialise in creating unique space saving solutions.

Bunkers unique range is designed to grow as your family does. Coupled with our 10 year guarantee and famous strength we can to serve all your sleep, study and storage needs for a very long time.

single over double bunk bed
Low height L shaped white bunk bed

Your Product, Your Choices

Your needs are unique, your style is unique, so your bed, bunk bed or loft bed solution should be unique too.

Choose from our Native Elm, White, Clear and Black colour combinations. Single, King Single, Double and even Queen beds, bunk and lofts. 6 handle choices. Plus mix and match your sleeping, storage and study combinations.

The possibilities really are endless and there's nothing we love more than seeing our great customers creations.

bunk bed with under bed drawers finishing options

Why Choose Bunkers for Bunk Beds in Hobart?

Bunkers have been servicing Hobart & Tasmania for well over 30 years. Our great partnership with Nielsen & Johnston carriers ensures that Bunkers great bunk beds and loft beds can be found in households throughout;

Sulphur Creek
Turners Beach

St Leonards

Risdon Vale
Midway Point
Blackman Bay

Whether it’s siblings or sleepovers, Bunkers bunk beds are been a popular addition to any bedroom.
Designed for fun, functionality and built to last.

A Bunkers adaptable design will give you endless practicality with our bed range. From loft beds with desks, to storage bunks with endless drawers. The uses for a Bunkers Bed are only limited by your imagination.

We are the bunk bed specialists and can't wait to talk with you about all things Bunk Beds Hobart!