Individual Pieces

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Whether you are adding a desk to a loft you already have, adding a side rail and slat base to convert a high bed to a bunk, mix and matching to create you own unique product, adding a high bed to your standard bed or simply looking to buy an item on its own, you will find it all in here!

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While we try to give you some great inspiration throughout this site and in our showrooms, we know that the endless possibilities of Bunkers flexible range means that there's always going to be great ideas and combinations that we miss. Please keep us in the loop too, We love to see what our inspiring customers come up with!
We make a lot available online these days but occasionally you may not find what you are looking for. Phone or email through to your local showroom to speak with our bunk bed specialists if there is anything that you cannot find or you'd just like to talk through your ideas & options. We love to help.