Bunkers cabinet range is designed to match and maximise the space saved from your great Bunkers bed, bunk bed and loft bed creations. Matching not only in looks but also our famous bunk bed strength - all backed with our 10 year guarantee.

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Bunkers famously deep deep drawers are the ultimate space savers. Our custom built drawer runners are designed run smooth and take the weight of the incredible amount of gear that you'll now be able to store neatly away. Recover the dead space below your bed & find more rooooooom in your room.

Browse through the rest of the site for inspiration on how to incorporate our cabinet range into a great sleep, storage and study solution. Or if you're feeling inspired then tailor make your own unique solution by mixing your choice of our great cabinets with a loft bed or bunk bed. After all it was one of our great customers who invented the ultimate storage solution. If you feel stuck then one of our great bunk bed specialist staff would love to talk through your needs - we've been living & talking bunk beds for over 35 years!

Enjoy browsing our great cabinet range and be sure to visit the rest of the site for more great space saving inspiration.