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Welcome to Bunkers brand new range & website to match! 

We're excited, but let's not beat around the bush... firstly a word about China.

After 35+ years of producing our range totally within Australia, we have, like so many other manufacturers, had to accept that to maintain and improve our Brand, we needed to move the resource and labor intensive part of our business offshore.

Plainly speaking, there is a lot of difference between the often mistrusted “made in China” tag and the Bunkers version, “WELL made in China”.
A lot of the China produced products available in Australia are generic styles, selected from mass produced catalogues and not subjected to the
control we apply in the manufacture of the Bunkers range.

By strictly controlling the resource used in manufacture (plantation radiata) and supervising in person every critical step in production, from initial
machining, through assembly and glue bond testing to final finishing and packaging, we ensure that the long trusted Bunkers quality and strength
is not only protected, but enhanced.

Our newly released range is a testimony to what is possible in today’s new manufacturing environment……our customers will be the winners! "


Serious stuff over - we hope you find our new site fun to explore and easy to find the inspiration you are after!



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