Bunkers. A healthy choice.

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A Bunkers beds is a healthy choice for you and for our environment.

When you’re considering a bed, bunk or loft for your family, timber is the natural choice. All Bunkers beds are constructed using natural, durable pine. To complement the radiata pine timber, all beds and bunks are finished only with water based stains and finishes. Which are lower in VOC’s and much healthier for our environment. Water based finishes have evolved to surpass their traditional toxic counterparts in quality, durability and aesthetics. 

Bunkers Radiata Pine is a responsibly sourced and renewable resource. As our trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide. This carbon then remains stored in our beds.

*and with around 50% of the dry weight of wood being carbon - just lifting one of our sturdy bunk beds, will help you appreciate how beneficial this choice is for the environment!

This all points to a great decision for you and your children. Bunkers is the environmentally friendly choice. 
In choosing Bunkers, you secure a healthy choice for future generations - because our beds will still be standing strong...

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