Bunkers bookcase range is designed as a great storage addition to any desk or loft bed with desk solution. Create handy, easily accessible shelving to store not just books but anything and everything including all of your trophies - because you're obviously awesome!  

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Choose from our Native Elm or White finishes to neatly tie in with your bed and desk OR make a bold statement with the contrasting option. 

Designed and built with Bunkers famous strength. 

Small and large bookcases are a great option to complement our Super Desks and Corner Desks - Buy and utilise the great space of both or just add one to leave some extra study space. Our small bookcase is also a great option for our Quad desks and the bench desk bookcase is purpose built to complement the bench desk, *but you probably figured that one out...

Last but not least, the Ped Shelf is a great alternative for under desk storage. Swap out wherever you see one of our File Storage chests for a great visual alternative to put your style on full display. Also serves as a neat little bedside storage option!