Adults Beds, Bunk Beds and Loft Beds

Need an Adult Bunk Bed solution for your home?

We've traditionally refrained from dedicating a standalone category to adult bunk beds.
Why? ...because we've always known that the entire Bunkers range is built with the strength to sleep adult(s), many adults.
Why sleep 1 adult when you could sleep 4! 

This adult bunk bed category is by no means a comprehensive view of our adult friendly designs - but a curated look at pieces we think may stand out.
And i
f you're looking to furnish your next short term rental, these will be sure to get your guests talking! 

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What makes these pieces so special? 
We'll start with the famous strength in every Bunkers bed. Strength so proven that it enabled us to manufacture Australia's first and best range of double and queen bunk beds and loft beds

Where other single over double competitors lack in strength, our treble bunk brings the beauty and brawn to match - with our stunning bent timber post. 
If you still need more room for the tallest adults, then opt for our king single over queen treble bunk option.

Perhaps you like the single over double bunk bed concept but need a bit more versatility? Combine any of loft bed with standard bed combination to achieve your unique corner bunk solution. Single over queen, queen over double, king single over double - everything is achievable with a versatile loft bed. 

Need to save a little room but still achieve that tall adult solution? Did you know that a king single is actually the same length as a queen bed? Upgrade your bunk bed to a king single and get an extra 15cm length and width. Enough room for (almost) any adult to sleep comfy.

Browse below and don't hesitate to reach out for a friendly bunk bed specialist to talk you through our many great options.